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Craig Parker

Craig Parker

Interviews - 2010

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Craig Parker made his television debut in the 80s soap Gloss and then went on to Shortland Street where he played a womanising social worker. After checking out of the long-running soap, Parker played an elf in Lord of the Rings, a doctor on Mercy Peak, a villain in Legend of the Seeker and a diplomat in Diplomatic Immunity. Some of his other screen credits include Hercules the Legendary Journeys, Xena and the soon to be released Spartacus. In this ScreenTalk interview, Parker discusses:
  • How terrifying Gloss was but how it taught him about TV
  • Playing annoying social worker Guy Warner on Shortland Street
  • The fun of Hercules and Xena
  • Fighting with Lucy Lawless on set
  • The dangers of on-set catering on Mercy Peak
  • An awkward sex scene with good friend Robyn Malcolm
  • The enormity of Lord of the Rings
  • How he loved making Diplomatic Immunity despite it not being a complete success
  • Being part of the yet to be screened TV series Spartacus
This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.

Credits: Interview, Camera & Editing – <a href="">Andrew Whiteside</a>