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Danielle Cormack - growing up on screen Danielle Cormack - growing up on screen

Danielle Cormack - growing up on screen

Interviews - 2010

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Danielle Cormack began acting on stage, but in her mid-teens won a coveted role in the popular 80s soap Gloss. Growing up on screen led her to a one-year stint on Shortland Street, playing sweet and innocent nurse Alison Rayner. Cormack starred in the TV show Topless Women Talk About Their Lives and then went on to the film version of the project. Her pregnancy was incorporated into the film and her performance earned her a best actor award at the 1997 Film and TV Awards. Cormack has appeared in a number of feature films including The Price of Milk, Channelling Baby, and Separation City. She recently appeared in the TV drama The Cult. In this ScreenTalk interview, Cormack talks about:
  • Growing into womanhood while appearing on Gloss
  • Playing the lovable nurse Alison Rayner on Shortland Street
  • Being the first of the original cast to leave the soap
  • Appearing in Xena and not always enjoying the intensity of the show’s fans
  • How becoming pregnant changed Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
  • Giving birth on screen a week after giving birth in real life
  • Why Channelling Baby was her favourite filmic experience
  • Working with a deliciously naughty cast and crazy director on Separation City
  • Feeling a little isolated on the set of The Cult
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Credits: Interview, Camera & Editing – Andrew Whiteside