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Hey, Hey It's Andy Shaw Hey, Hey It's Andy Shaw

Hey, Hey It's Andy Shaw

Interviews - 2009

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TV executive Andrew Shaw talks candidly to NZ On Screen about more than three decades of experiences in the New Zealand TV industry, from being a teen heartthrob to sitting on top of the heap as network commissioner. Shaw reflects on:
  • early days as a presenter, “fluking” a screentest to get the Hey, Hey, It’s Andy gig
  • his anticipation of his “expiry date” and the deal he brokered to train as a multi-camera live broadcast director; working on shows from Billy T James’ Radio Times to punk music docos, to returning to being in front of the camera to host disco show Star Zone.
  • his sabbaticals from TVNZ, working for South Pacific Pictures (where he was charged with broadening their slate from drama and film; he introduced the Idol franchise to NZ TV), working as the founding commissioner for Prime TV, and helping launch the Documentary Channel with Richard Driver
  • his passionate belief in the resilience and importance of network TV as a "gathering place" in the age of the internet
  • his return to TVNZ and the challenge of balancing "god and mammon”  - commercial and public service - that TVNZ has to manage
  • “the privilege” of working for the public broadcaster, citing the Edmund Hillary Westminster Abbey memorial service as an example of something he wouldn’t get the opportunity to do elsewhere
  • criticism about programming arts docos at 10.30pm at night. Shaw's response: "stay awake!"
This interview is available for download and distribution on YouTube. Credits: Direction and Interview - Clare O'Leary, Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann