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Ilona Rodgers on her acting career Ilona Rodgers on her acting career

Ilona Rodgers on her acting career

Interviews - 2009

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Ilona Rodgers has starred in a huge array of theatre, film and TV roles in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. As well as appearing in many British and Australian TV shows screened in New Zealand, Rodgers has been a stalwart of locally made programmes such as Close to Home and Hunter's Gold. Probably best known for playing Maxine Redfern in Gloss, some of Rodgers' other screen credits include The Billy T James Show, Marlin Bay and the film Utu.

In this ScreenTalk interview, Rodgers discusses:

  • Close to Home and the pioneering days of New Zealand television
  • Frightening tourists on the set of Hunter's Gold
  • The joy of being paid to be a well-dressed bitch on Gloss
  • Taking a gamble on Marlin Bay
  • The privilege of working with Billy T James
  • Plunging off a balcony on the set of Utu
  • Reflections on how "lucky" she has been in her career

This video is available on YouTube to embed via a Creative Commons licence. Credits:  Interview, Camera & Editing – Andrew Whiteside