Interview with Florian Habicht

Posted on 22 August 2008

Kaikohe Demolition director Florian Habicht talks about his life and inspiration to NZ On Screen's Clare O'Leary. "You learnt from making mistakes, it [early films made with friends] wasn't like film school where you're taught how to make films, it was more through experimenting and doing things your own way ..." Find out more about Florian on NZ On Screen. Credits: Direction and Interview - Clare O'Leary, Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann


Florian Habicht, Woodenhead, Rubbings from a Live Man, director


by Bruce Hopkins on 22 October 2008 at 1:24 pm

It's always a joy to listen to Florian talk about his work, as his work is his passion. His film with Warwick Broadhead is almost a perfect combo meal, you have two vibrant and talented eccentrics exploring each others art forms as they create a film that has some moments of absolutely stunning beauty on both a human level and as an art form. Long may you reign Florian. \nLook forward to what NY brings, cheers \nBruce Hopkins \nps thanks and congrats to Clare, Russell, Roger, Rob and the rest of the crew for sailing this here cyber vessel onto our screens, I look forward to the journey \nciao

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