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Janice Finn - writing and producing for TV Janice Finn - writing and producing for TV

Janice Finn - writing and producing for TV

Interviews - 2010

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Janice Finn is a television writer/producer who has also spent time in front of the camera. Her acting roles have included parts in Close to Home, and The Strip. Finn produced the high camp 80s soap Gloss and 90s drama Marlin Bay, and has written extensively for Shortland Street. She has also produced reality series such as Changing Rooms for Touchdown Productions. Lately Finn has been producing documentaries for Natural History New Zealand. In this ScreenTalk interview, Finn talks about:
  • Playing ‘mad Jane’ in the first season of Close to Home
  • How the show was made as though live, and any mistakes led to an entire re-shoot
  • How her love of fashion and humour lead to the creation of Gloss
  • Story-lining the entire series on a huge piece of paper with James Griffin
  • Being shocked by male media commentators hatred of Gloss
  • Making reality TV with Julie Christie of Touchdown Productions
  • How making Changing Rooms was a complete shambles
  • Having fun playing a loony character on The Strip, despite being very self-conscious
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Credits:  Interview, Camera & Editing – Andrew Whiteside