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Jason Gunn - Son of a Gunn

Posted on 8 February 2010

A generation of Kiwi kids grew up watching Jason Gunn on television. At the same time Gunn grew up on television himself. Beginning in children’s TV, Gunn hosted Jase TV, Son of a Gunn Show, After School, and What Now? Through many of these shows his co-star was a hugely popular life size puppet named Thingee. Gunn moved on to other programmes such as Young Entertainers and Small Talk. In recent years Gunn has starred in a host of top-rating primetime entertainment and game shows including Wheel of Fortune, The Rich List and the incredibly popular Dancing with the Stars. As well as his hosting duties, Gunn has appeared as himself on Celebrity Treasure Island. In this ScreenTalk interview, Gunn talks about:
  • Learning the skills of presenting from ‘old hands’ in the industry
  • How he grew up on TV hosting Son of a Gunn Show
  • Being best mates with a puppet named Thingee
  • His love for making children’s TV and how it is the best of all genres
  • How his comedic inspiration comes from his everyday life
  • The tough path of learning to play piano and sing
  • Just being himself on Celebrity Treasure Island
  • The drama and excitement of Dancing with the Stars
  • Why hosting game shows will lead to new things
This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.


presenter, thingee, after school, tv host, what now?, children's tv


by Caroline on 08 February 2010 at 1:08 pm

Fantastic interview, gives a real sense of who he is as a person. Great job.

by Nancy Milne on 09 February 2010 at 1:29 pm

very interesting My clan is also Gunn \n Robson \n \n Can I trace my parents who emmigrated \nfrom Scotland to New Zealand \nNancy

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