Jim Mora: Wonder Dogs, rolling Rs, Mucking In, and more…

Posted on 17 July 2012

Radio and TV host Jim Mora began his career reporting for regional news show The South Tonight. From there, he moved on to One News and then joined Holmes when it debuted in 1989. Over the years Mora became a household name voicing and presenting popular shows including Tux Wonder Dogs, Maggie’s Garden Show and the long-running Mucking In. Mora was also involved with the creation of animated TV shows The Adventures of Massey Ferguson and Staines Down Drains, and is the host of the afternoon show on Radio New Zealand National. In this ScreenTalk, Mora talks about:

  • Being daunted by his first piece to camera on The South Tonight
  • Finding reporting on Holmes a demanding role
  • Still not knowing if the Dennis Conner walk-off on the show was pre-planned
  • How the premise of Tux Wonder Dogs must have seemed odd to TVNZ commissioners
  • Rolling a huge letter ‘R’ down the main street of Gore for doco New Zild
  • Wondering if there would be enough good sorts for the long-running show Mucking In
  • How the gardens got more elaborate and expensive as the years went by
  • Always feeling there’s more to achieve with his broadcasting career

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.



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by Nathan Paniona on 08 July 2014 at 12:31 pm

Hi Jim, I the above, am searching for ways to complete a house project of a very old family friend i have known for over 45 yrs. He has done loads of things for other people, and the community he still resides in. I met him on sunday, and was amused with what he had so far done. He will be in his 80th year in Oct of this year? and i dont think he will ever see its completion? Are you able to help with this project? I await your reply thank you. n8

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