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Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan

Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan

Interviews - 2009

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Rock'n'roll couple Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan have both had long and varied careers in New Zealand music and media. They are currently night-time hosts on Radio Live, but Fagan spent many years as the lead singer of pop band The Mockers, and Hay was the long-time host of iconic music show Radio with Pictures. Hay and Fagan are also both published authors. In this ScreenTalk interview, the pair talk to James Coleman about:
  • The trials and tribulations of getting a music video made in NZ in the 80s through TVNZ's "sausage factory"
  • Radio with Pictures and the decision to play the forbidden video - AFFCO by The Skeptics
  • Hay's work on her favourite music video of all those she has directed - Hey Judith by The Dribbling Darts Of Love in the 90s
  • Fagan's cameo appearance in the Hey Judith video
This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence. Credits: Interview by James Coleman, Camera and Editing by Leo Guerchmann.