Olly Ohlson: Keeping cool 'til after school…

Posted on 3 October 2012

Olly Ohlson inspired a generation of kids on the daily show After School. His legendary catch-phrase “Keep cool 'til after school” is still remembered long after the show ended. He is credited with introducing both Te Reo and sign language to our TV screens. In this ScreenTalk, Ohlson talks about:

  • Having fun playing the guitar and singing songs on Cgull
  • Enjoying performing on the sets of Woolly Hills and Woolly Manor
  • Becoming an older role model for kids on After School
  • Wanting the show to be a tool for education
  • The origin of the show’s famous catch-phrase
  • Introducing sign language to television
  • Controversy over using Te Reo greetings
  • Having a fabulous time returning to TV on Bumble
  • Believing the ‘personableness’ of TV presenting has disappeared

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.



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