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Peter Elliott - 2009 Qantas Film & TV Award winner Peter Elliott - 2009 Qantas Film & TV Award winner

Peter Elliott - 2009 Qantas Film & TV Award winner

Interviews - 2009

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For more than 20 years, actor Peter Elliott’s career has spanned theatre, film, television and radio. His most notable screen credits include playing Rex on Gloss, Dr David Kearney on Shortland Street, and more recently he was the TV ad face encouraging us to take civil defence seriously. As well as TV drama, Elliott has fronted and narrated a range of documentary TV series such as Captain’s Log, Explorers, Frontier of Dreams and Secret New Zealand. He also wrote and presented Jungle Rain, a documentary about Agent Orange. Elliott was the first celebrity to appear in Intrepid Journeys. In his 50s, Elliott added a new skill to his repertoire – directing theatre. In this ScreenTalk interview, Elliott discusses:

  • The experience of being a ‘star’ in Gloss and why he had to pretend to be single
  • How he got burned out and burned by his four years on Shortland Street
  • Why he thinks male characters get a rough deal on the soap
  • How being part of Captain’s Log was a dream come true and a boost to his morale
  • What a confronting experience it was visiting Kenya in Intrepid Journeys
  • The great experience of being in Until Proven Innocent and the talent of co-star Cohen Holloway
  • And how he has finally become comfortable with himself and his transition into being a director
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Interview, Camera & Editing – Andrew Whiteside