Two Heads: The two heads behind The Food Truck...

Posted on 26 September 2012

James Anderson and Nick Ward are the brains behind Auckland based production company Two Heads. They've made a name for themselves producing fresh and quirky documentaries and TV series such as Santarchy, Making Tracks, The Cheerleaders and Funny Roots. Two Heads are also the creative force behind TV ONE’s hit show The Food Truck. In this ScreenTalk, Anderson and Ward talk about:
  • How a $5000 doco about an anarchic troupe in Santa suits got  them their first commission
  • Taking Kiwi music to the world in the series Making Tracks
  • Having to avoid young thugs with guns in Brazil during the shooting of the show
  • Bringing stand-up comedy back to TV in A Night at the Classic
  • Poking fun in a gentle way at mustachioed men in Movember
  • Taking healthy fast food to the nation in The Food Truck
  • How chef Michael was the perfect quirky fit for the show
  • Finding the origins of comedy in TV series Funny Roots
  • How their different strengths and abilities have led to a great partnership
This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.


interview, Screentalk, tv, two heads, production, Santarchy, Making Tracks, The Cheerleaders, Funny Roots, The Food Truck, Movember

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