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Waka Attewell - cinematography highlights

Waka Attewell - cinematography highlights

Interviews - 2010

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Cinematographer Waka Attewell is something of a legend in the Kiwi film industry. From landmark 70s TV series Tangata Whenua, he has gone on to climb mountains with Sir Ed; shoot commercials, shorts and six and a half features  including the acclaimed Starlight Hotel — plus direct Ian Mune doco In the Shadow of King Lear. These days Waka is also known as a commentator on screen matters, who often says the things others are too scared to say. In this ScreenTalk interview we’ve picked out a few highlights from the three decades he has been in the game. Waka talks about:

  • the cinematographer’s role in taking viewers into a different world
  • the watershed experience of being caught between cultures, while helping make landmark series Tangata Whenua
  • working with the late Barry Barclay on Tangata Whenua, and Barclay’s second feature Te Rua (on which Attewell shared cinematography duties with the late Rory O’Shea)
  • conquering frozen cameras for hit doco All the Way Up There, which chronicles a disabled climber’s dream of topping Mount Ruapehu
  • the challenge of capturing Central Otago on film, while shooting road movie Starlight Hotel, whose look The LA Times compared to thr classic Days of Heaven

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence Credits: Direction and Interview – Ian Pryor.  Camera and Editing – Alex Backhouse