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Robert Boyd-Bell: Veteran TV newsman...

Posted on 28 July 2014

Robert Boyd-Bell has made a huge contribution to the development of TV news reporting in New Zealand. He began his career as a reporter with the fledgling NZBC News service in the mid 1960s, and later headed the northern newsroom of TV One in the 1970s. Boyd-Bell has also worked as a documentary producer, and was instrumental in setting up educational television services eTV and The Knowledge Breakfast. He is a keen advocate for public service broadcasting.

In this ScreenTalk, Boyd-Bell talks about:

  • Why the NZBC had to set up its own news service
  • The slow journey international news took to get on air, in the days before a national network
  • Bringing changes to the newsroom
  • The infamous Tonight interview with Sir Robert Muldoon
  • Establishing educational television service eTV
  • How The Knowledge Breakfast became the first online TV show in New Zealand
  • How family dynamics proved a challenge making Billy T: Te Movie
  • How his fascination with Kiri Te Kanawa led to the doco My Breathing is Singing
  • Why New Zealand needs a non-commercial TV service

This video was first uploaded on July 28 2014 and is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence. 



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Bailey Mackey: The man behind the GC…

Posted on 25 November 2013

Bailey Mackey is a former news reporter on Te Karere and 3 News, who is now producing and directing commercial Māori series through Black Inc Media. He is the main creative force behind controversial show The GC, and new reality series The Life and Times of Temuera Morrison.

In this ScreenTalk, Mackey talks about:

  • The shock of going from iwi radio to TVNZ show Te Karere
  • The challenge of working on 3 News
  • How the show Code brought sports talk to Māori Television
  • The origin of famous phrase 'Mean Māori Mean'
  • Feeling very proud of rugby series Beneath the Maori Moon
  • Wanting to show a different side of Māori life in The GC
  • His thoughts on the controversy surrounding the show
  • Pitching the idea of The Life and Times of Temuera Morrison
  • Getting the right mix of drama, vulnerability and humour on the show

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.



te karere, 3 news, sports, reporter, journalist, producer, director, black inc media, the gc, the life and times of temuera morrison, code, maori television, mean maori mean, beneath the maori moon, maori

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Ric Salizzo: The king of unconventional sports television

Posted on 30 October 2012

Producer Ric Salizzo started out as a sports reporter and newsreader on the radio. In his early television days, he was criticised for frowning during news bulletins, and he freely admits that conventional sports broadcasting was not his forte. Salizzo found his production niche with the ground-breaking rugby documentaries The Good, the Bad and the Rugby and Blood, Sweat and Touring. He was also producer and co-host of long-running sports entertainment show Sportscafe, and is currently executive producer of The Crowd Goes Wild. In this ScreenTalk, Salizzo talks about:

  • Believing he was terrible as a sports newsreader on One Network News
  • Having his face compared to a rubber tyre by a TV reviewer
  • Showing the ‘human’ face of the All Blacks in The Good, the Bad and the Rugby
  • How the need to create a job for himself led to Sportscafe
  • Lana Coc-Kroft joining the show because Marc Ellis fancied her
  • Trashing the set in the final programme - his favourite episode
  • Learning a huge lesson from the ‘terrible’ Sugar Shack
  • Creating a new twist on sports news with The Crowd Goes Wild
  • Coming through the tough times of losing his wife Cathy Campbell, and still wanting to tell good stories

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.



producer, interview, reporter, sports, the good the bad and the rugby, blood sweat and touring, sportscafe, the crowd goes wild, sugar shack, screentalk, ric salizzo

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Ian Johnstone - TV Veteran

Posted on 8 November 2011

Veteran broadcaster and journalist Ian Johnstone helped pioneer current affairs programming in New Zealand by hosting and reporting on the shows Compass and Close Up in the 1960s. Johnstone was the first host of the regional magazine programme Town and Around and went on to co-host Tonight at Nine after the debut of South Pacific Television. Since then Johnstone has been involved in a variety of TV series and documentaries, and has even turned his hand to a bit of character acting in television dramas. Johnstone is perhaps best remembered as the long-time host of the Crimewatch series. In this ScreenTalk, Johnstone talks about:

  • Learning on the job as the host of the original Close Up current affairs show
  • How government officials were baffled on camera
  • Becoming a household name on Town and Around
  • Coming to terms with working in a police state for the ground-breaking documentary South Africa – the Black Future
  • Realising that one of their ‘helpers’ was a government informer
  • How being tall, English, and bald got him an acting role in Pioneer Women
  • Bringing the drama of crime to the screen in Crimewatch
  • Loving the live aspect of the show
This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence



television, News, reporter, town and around, compass, close up, tonight at nine, south pacific television, crimewatch, south africa - the black future, pioneer women, 1960s

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Frank Torley - on and off the farm

Posted on 22 March 2011

Frank Torley is a Kiwi television legend. Forever known as that Country Calendar guy - he has variously narrated, directed, produced, and reported for the show, over a period of more than 40 years. But Torley hasn’t always been Mr Rural. He has also spent time as a newsreader, Top Town presenter, documentary maker (including an early doco on Aids), and spent time in religious programmes. In this ScreenTalk interview, Torley talks about:

  • breaking into radio as a rural broadcaster, during his Mark III Zephyr/slouch hat period
  • the joys of producing Country Calendar (starting in 1982), and offering a front window into farming for the common man
  • the origins of Country Calendar’s spoofs, and contributions by cartoonist Burton Silver
  • the early Country Calendar producer who kept offending those being interviewed
  • the nail-biting dog versus sheep tension that was A Dog’s Show, thanks to host John Gordon - plus the show’s premature death
  • being compared to a startled rabbit, while newsreading for the newly reborn TV One
  • handling birth scenes for documentary From Here to Maternity
  • the days when ratings weren’t so important
  • to retire - or not to retire
This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.



director, presenter, NZ television, farming, country, rural, country calendar, reporter

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